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1 Far Below Expectations2 Below Expectations3 Meets Expectations4 Exceeds Expectations5 Significantly Exceeds Expectations
1 Highly Unsatisfactory2 Somewhat Unsatisfactory3 Satisfactory4 Very Satisfactory5 Strongly agree
1 Extremely Poor Value2 Below Average Value3 Average Value4 Good Value5 Excellent Value
1 Very Unlikely2 Unlikely3 Neutral4 Likely5 Very Likely
1 Not Responsive2 Slightly Responsive3 Moderately Responsive4 Responsive5 Very Responsive
1 Strongly disagree2 Disagree3 Neutral4 Agree5 Strongly agree
1 Much Worse2 Worse3 About the Same4 Better5 Much Better
1 Definitely Not2 Probably Not3 Might or Might Not4 Probably Would5 Definitely Would

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