COSS OLP Recertification

Stay at the forefront of railway safety with our 'COSS OLP - Recertification' course. Tailored for professionals in the Controller ... Show more
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COSS OLP Recertification Training Course


Course Overview:

The “COSS OLP – Recertification” course is specifically tailored for railway professionals seeking to renew their certifications in the Controller of Site Safety (COSS) role with a focus on Overhead Line Permit (OLP). This course provides participants with updated knowledge, safety protocols, and best practices, ensuring they remain at the forefront of railway safety operations.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Refresh their expertise related to the COSS role with an emphasis on OLP.
  2. Understand and implement the latest safety protocols in railway operations.
  3. Engage in hands-on exercises to validate their skills in real-world COSS scenarios.
  4. Navigate challenges specific to OLP operations with confidence.
  5. Prepare for their roles with an updated COSS OLP certification.


Course Content:

  • A comprehensive review of the COSS role with a focus on Overhead Line Permit (OLP).
  • Detailed sessions on updated safety protocols and best practices for railway operations.
  • Hands-on exercises and simulations tailored to OLP scenarios.
  • Collaborative discussions on challenges and solutions specific to OLP operations.
  • Assessment and feedback sessions to gauge participants’ understanding and readiness for on-site COSS OLP roles.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for:

  • Railway professionals seeking recertification in the COSS role with a focus on OLP.
  • Individuals aiming to stay updated with the latest safety protocols and best practices in OLP operations.
  • Employers looking to ensure their COSS OLP personnel are equipped with the most recent knowledge and skills.


Upon successful completion, participants will receive a “COSS OLP – Recertification Completion” certificate, marking their renewed competence in the COSS OLP role.