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Comprehensive Railway Access Planning Services


At Training Lives, our flexible service in railway access planning ensures the timely and budget-friendly completion of a diverse array of engineering projects. Our strategic approach in the background enables clients to progress with their projects seamlessly, without unnecessary complications or delays.


Skills & Expertise

As experts in access planning, we excel in creating safe and efficient access for engineering works to be carried out. We aim to work with our clients giving them access required and attending all planning meetings, reducing the workload for them all the while knowing that the access is taken care of.

Our service extends beyond proficient possession planners to include all competencies you may need to carry out the work, i.e. ES, COSS, PC etc, transportation, isolation, ALO (Adjacent Line Open), and the comprehensive creation of the Safe Work Pack, culminating in a fully integrated planning solution.


Possession / Railway Access Planning Planning

TL Rail & Construction stands out for its superior Possession Planning services within the railway industry. Our vast experience, coupled with strong professional relationships with esteemed Possession/Haulage planners and Area planners, positions us uniquely to navigate the varied approaches of different Network Rail delivery areas.

Network rail’s operation rules↗︎

We are confident in leading this facet of any project, thanks to our team’s commitment to excellence, integrity, and the cultivation of enduring, trust-based client relationships.


The Importance of Effective Possession Planning:

    • Safety Assurance: Our focus on securing tracks for exclusive access during possessions guarantees the utmost safety for the workforce and the public.
    • Operational Efficiency: Our expertise facilitates uninterrupted work periods, significantly enhancing project productivity and efficiency.
    • Service Continuity: Our detailed planning strategies minimize the impact on train services, ensuring predictable and well-communicated disruptions.
    • Resource Optimisation: We excel in the efficient utilization of resources, from human capital to equipment and materials, preventing expensive overruns.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

    • Collaborative Scheduling: Our close collaboration with railway operators, contractors, and other stakeholders ensures possessions are scheduled with minimal disruption to regular services.
    • Detailed Work Plans: Our possession plans are thorough, detailing the scope of work, timelines, necessary resources, safety measures, and contingency strategies.
    • Communication and Coordination: We maintain transparent communication with all parties involved, keeping them informed of possession schedules, procedures, and any real-time changes.
    • Safety Protocols: We enforce stringent safety protocols during possessions, including track isolation, signal protections, and emergency procedures.
    • Compliance and Documentation: Our adherence to regulatory standards and best practices is uncompromised, with all possession activities thoroughly documented.

TL Rail & Construction’s railway access planning services are marked by flexibility, expertise, and a comprehensive approach.

Our dedicated team, committed to excellence and integrity, ensures your rail projects are not just completed within schedule and budget but also meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

Our possession planning expertise is unmatched, promising minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Contact us to discover how our unparalleled railway access planning and possession services can add exceptional value to your next rail project.





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